Mother Land

What is Mother Land

Is a global network, the brainchild of Slow Food association, which agglomerates 2,000 food communities, 1,000 cooks, 500 academics and 1,000 young activists and militants from 153 countries, are committed to promoting a local food production, sustainable and in balance with the planet.

What is a food community?

A food community of Mother Land born with the need to preserve land, knowledge, traditions and foods that have the taste of our childhood. The members of a community can be so farmers, herders, academics, anglers, chefs, musicians, students, teachers, craftsmen.

A food community tries to preserve the territory in which it operates, respecting it, keeping it alive and trying to build a direct relationship with the virtuous and the people with whom we establish a contact…

Conscious eating

There is another very important aspect that should be deepen. Who eats/drinks/benefits from the products or activities of the Community is not a consumer but a co-producer: they are people aware that “eating is an agricultural act” and reward those of us who work with culinary sense. These people know that each food is the result of a network and of that network can take part actively.

Co-produce, and be co-producers means to be part of the food community, together with who cultivate, who cooks, breeds, transforms and distributes. It means sharing their virtuous actions. The perspective changes. And many more!

The food community of Oriolo Tower

Together we are a small food system…
Because each of us in its reality works hard to preserve the beauty of these hills;
because we bend over backwards throughout the year to make good wine;
because what we are preparing in the kitchen of our farmhouse reflects the goodness and honesty of our work;
because together we keep alive a tower built in the late 1400s.

All this is a food community of Mother Land; is the food community of Oriolo Tower… and also you are part of it!