Agricultural holdings, agritourism, restaurants, bed & breakfast, artisans of the area: what unites us is the intent to know and appreciate the history and local traditions.

Our hills are the perfect place to grow vines, olives, apricots, peaches, kiwi, persimmon, shallots and saffron.

Agricultural products obtained in respect of the ancient rural, humans and environment traditions: such as wine, honey and extra virgin olive oil that we follow entirely, from production to direct selling.

On the hills of San Mamante and Oriolo, in addition to Sangiovese, we cultivate with complacence other different native vines: are Centesimino, the Famous and Grape Longanesi.

Stay a few days here with us, tasting the wines and typical products of Romagna can be a valuable opportunity to appreciate the quiet, and the ancient flavors of the past.